Summer Camp at Camp AREV is fun filled, spiritually driven week long camp that helps campers get out of their daily routine and experience the amazing creation while helping them worship their amazing Creator. Our aim is to make sure campers have the BEST WEEK OF THEIR LIVES, walk closely with Jesus Christ and create amazing and long lasting memories. 

Basic Information about Juniors Camp:

  • 3rd-5th Grade campers
  • July 9-15
  • July 13: Castaic Lake trip
  • July 15: Family Kebab Picnic (Parents plan to pick up campers at picnic)

During Juniors Summer Camp we love interacting with our campers through bible lessons, singing, arts & crafts and Armenian Christian Heritage. We also play and have FUN together. Fun time includes organized team games (afternoon and night,) individual free time activities, and "Camp Chaos" are all part of what makes camp so unique and memorable.

About Our Speaker:  Dr. Matt Silverman   

Dr. Matt Silverman grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, occasionally going to church with his grandmother but never really learning much about God or the Bible. He became a Christian while working toward his degree at UCLA, during the 2004 Camp AREV winter college retreat, and continued on to complete his PhD in chemical engineering while staying involved both in United Armenian Congregational Church and Christian ministries on the UCLA Campus. With a passion for camp ministries ever since becoming a Christian, he loves working with Camp AREV every chance he gets and has served as a counselor for various ages groups for many years. He currently teaches in the Clinical Laboratory Science program at San Francisco State University, and also functions as the youth director for Calvary Armenian Congregational Church in San Francisco. 


Transportation details for those coming from Los Angeles

  • If you signed up for transportation from LA area: Buses are scheduled to leave on Sunday from United Armenian Congregational Church by 1:30pm. Please make sure you are there by 12:30pm to check-in before taking off. 
  • Saturday July 15: Camp AREV will be hosting the family kebab picnic. Parents must pick up campers after picnic. 


What to bring:

  • Sleeping Items
    • Sleeping Bag or Bedding. Sheets. Pillow.
  • Toiletries
    • Toothbrush. Toothpaste. Shampoo. Deodorant. Soap. Towel.
  • Clothing
    • Casual, warm and cool weather clothing. Long pants (Jeans or sweat pants). Jacket. Socks. Closed toed Shoes. Tennis shoes (extra pair). Extra cloth you can get dirty in. 
    • Sunscreen. Sunglasses. Modest swimwear (No Bikinis)
    • It's a good idea to mark your cloths and sleeping bag in case its gets misplaces.
    • Please dress modestly while at Camp AREV Christian Camp
  • Miscellaneous Item
    • Bible. Pen/pencil. notepad. Flashlight with batteries. Insect repellent. Chapstick. Camera
    • Spending Money for Camp AREV gift shop/snack shop and additional recreational activities (Paintball: $15, Disc Golf rental: $5)


What NOT to bring:

  • Electronic Devices
    • Cell phones. Laser toys. Music players. Video Games
  • Weapons
    • Guns. Knives. Matches. Fireworks. 
  • Miscellaneous Item
    • Tobacco. Drugs. Alcohol. Cigarettes or any illegal substances.
    • Inappropriate reading material or pictures
    • Inappropriate clothing (shorts (min. 3" inseam), tops min 2 finger width straps, no showing stomachs or midriff, no low cut shirts, no see through, one piece or tankini swimsuits (if you don't have either of these, you make wear a dark tank top or T-shirt over it) no sagging, so inappropriate T-shirts or logos (no drugs, guns, alcohol or any sexual innuendo)
      • you will be asked to change if you are seen with such clothing items. 

Any camper caught with these items will have the items immediately confiscated and can be sent home based on the discretion of the Camp Director. 


Have any questions? Give us a call (818)507-0922
Email us info@camparev.org